Project results

The project’s outcomes will provide capacity building and useful methods to youth, experts, educators, academics as a conscious effort to bring change genderrelated attitudes through education and youth.

In this context the project HerStory, will firstly conduct an in-depth research regarding the women’s history across various cities of Europe and will identify good practices of the dissemination of women achievements to the public.

After that, targeting young people, youth organizations, local authorities and students in the fields of History and Gender, the partners will record their knowledge regarding the input of specific women in their country’s/city’s history.

As a third step the consortium will develop a transnational online map – which will be reachable via the project’s website and through a mobile application- where the visitors will be able to find remarkable places regarding women in history and get information about them. WP2. Research and Mapping Local Women Histories. WP3. Development of HerStory Map, Online Platform and Mobile App WP4. Exploring HerStory Map: Learning and Training Activities Implementation